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評論主題: [原創]也趣藝廊|拾掇那些日子One Of Those Days - 曾麟媛個展
評論對像: akigalleryakigallery | 2016/2/28 上午 11:36:25



Time passes by like a river floating away quietly and it also fades away in a leisurely pace. However, life is put together by events that we are powerless to change. We may all have the same experience that we occasionally come across some words or images that touch our innermost thoughts and emotions. These peculiar feelings from the past memory engulf us, drowned us, and overwhelmed us over and over again.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by the work of Shi ShuQing “One of those days.” Both Zeng and Shi uses third person to depict a touch of impression from childhood memory. However, unlike Shi discloses loneliness and sadness in her writing, Zeng utilizes a mixture of bright colors and many blank strokes in her painting to demonstrate the changes of time and space. In her work, the pigment is repetitively and heavily used, covered or even dripped to show the swinging motion of blur image, which is how she reinterprets her memory. Zeng always selectively and perceptively seal her sentimental feelings in her art work both Zeng and Shi’s work allow the audience to drain into memories and pick up the moments and feelings that have been lost. The exhibition “One of Those Days” is to show how Zeng gathers and seizes the moments that have been forgotten through painting.